Maps of Suburbia [EP]

by N.P.

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MAPS OF SUBURBIA is a collaboration fronted by Nick Perlman on lead vocals and guitar and backed by Andy Porta on drums, guitar, and mixing-board sorcery, Seth Nicholson on bass, and Danny Flinn on bodhrán, with everyone lending their vocal talents.

Together they create a dynamic sound that slips back and forth between alt-country, surf-rock influenced folk and haunting soundscapes. Each song from "Maps of Suburbia" lingers somewhere between the past and present, and explores nostalgia, loss, and joy in equal measure.


released June 30, 2016

All songs and lyrics written by
Nick Perlman © 2016

All songs performed by
Nick Perlman: lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
Andy Porta: drums, percussion, acoustic and lead electric guitar, additional vocals
Seth Nicholson: bass guitar, additional vocals
Danny Flinn: bodhrán, additional vocals

Recorded, produced, engineered, and mixed by Andy Porta
Additional recording and engineering by Jeb Enoch
Additional engineering by Seth Nicholson
at Black Cat Sounds. Portland, ME
and Jeb Enoch Recording at The Maine Music Mill. Brunswick, ME

Mastered by Sam Stauff
at Port City Recording. Dobbs Ferry, NY

April - June 2016

Album artwork by Nick Perlman

Thank you:
Andy Porta, Seth Nicholson, Danny Flinn, Jeb Enoch, Sam Stauff, Adri Ramdeane, Andrew Yankowski, Allison Lawrence, Eric Sullivan, the Open Mic family at An Beal Bocht, James Landrum, Dylan Hume, James Taylor, Jon Chittenden, Benjamin Frisch, Duncan Iaria, Britt Stewart, friends and family.

This album is dedicated with love and gratitude to
Daniel Valdespino



all rights reserved


N.P. New York

Nick Perlman is a singer/songwriter hailing from the Hudson Valley who currently resides in NYC.

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Track Name: Highway One
In ferns, eucalyptus trees and redwoods,
A cold morning haze, early light and silence,
You were addressed and remembered well
Heard a heartbeat and it rang like a bell

Pacing past Pacific beside me
Early evening fog– I wonder if you’ve seen this
Dinner with an empty seat, wine dry like a bone
You make that face and laugh at this shell of an abalone

The cliffside hides a jagged shoreline
A handful bathes– you’re right, nothing has changed
A giant, rocky, knife fights the waters
I see why you came, that it took you and I feel exactly the same

I have this map of where I think you’ve been,
Retracing your steps somehow tames the din
I wonder if you’ve been here, a spot on soiled cloth–
A scattering of garlic skins fluttering like moths

I get it now — your brother was right —
“like an open nerve,” I remember the fights.
I get it now, the things that you’d feign
but real anger inside grew
and before you the blame.

I get it now — your brother was right —
I see you with me, I interpret your life.
I get it now, the thing you couldn't tame:
when your body betrayed you
and everyone came.
Track Name: You Always Knew
On cobblestone and in a sleeping caldera
I only wanted to be near to you
On ageless streets, a cloudy beach
I obsessed over the idea of you

I was naive and we were young
And in noisy halls I could hear just you
And I couldn’t speak and I bit my tongue
And I was obsessed over the idea of you

When you left you never said where to

We found each other and we spoke,
I remembered wanting just to see you
You spent the night and I awoke
Still obsessed over the idea of you

With you undressed, now I confess
My heart raced just to be next to you
As if a test, I said the rest
That I obsessed over the idea of you

You told me that you always knew

Years had passed before we kissed
But I was too drunk to even feel you
You ran through all that I missed
And I obsessed over the idea of you

It took this long for me to know
That I could never be with you
I could never answer why, though, why
I obsessed over the idea of you

I was just obsessed with the idea of you
Track Name: Friends, Lovers, Etc.
Biting honeysuckles from the bush after school
Or the baseball diamond, when you lost your cool
Laying in the field, high, lit only by moonlight

Screaming in drunken stupor in alleys, on streets
Giving you eyes at a house party discreetly
Wishing I could just say what I mean

Who was I to you?
In these sweet thoughts
What have I forgot?
Things left unsaid
That need to be wrought

Your horrified look every time I got a new hair cut
When you’d help me out of yet another rut
Hearing all of my stories and egging me on

Getting locked out of the car in that mall in LA
Kissing in the stairwell for what felt like a day
Your tears dropping right into your soup

I plead not to lose
This pang of loss
What have I forgot?
Things left unsaid
That need to be wrought

Blood spilling from your head, upturning garbage cans
Poking endless fun at me, telling me to be a man
Scrubbing my name off of the sidewalk

Going for a hug you weirdly bowed at ninety degrees
Huddling on the beach at night so we wouldn’t freeze
The slow walk out of Penn Station

Who was I to you?
A forget-me-not?
What have I forgot?
What things are left unsaid?
What needs to be wrought?
Track Name: The Lyric Went
Your bare feet dancing on the dirty ground,
You were high on Halloween and briefly in town.
The band was great your face just backs into the crowd
I forget the details because it’s been a long while now

Left the party – just the best one – stumbling blind
and it’s alone on the street when I always seem to find
Some semblance of a truth creeping back into my mind
But that night in Red Hook was another time.

“I’m older now then you were then,” the lyric went,
And that was one hell of a goodbye.
Track Name: Every Ghost
On this stretch of Earth
I’ve spent my time
Collecting things
Of ceramic, glass, and pine
Painted scenes of worth
Caught everything I could
Watched the dust and specks
Slowly layer upon the wood

But every ghost
And emptiness
Fills everything
And I can’t help this

For what it’s worth
It will all be fine.
Whatever silence brings,
Is what rots the rind,
Dissolves into Earth,
Beneath spots I’ve stood,
Where I’ve carved time to forget
Within our neighborhood

Where every ghost
And emptiness
Fills everything
And I can’t help this
Track Name: Route Nine
Do you hear it?
Below the wailing “why’s”
Between delivered lines
Where fiction seems to thrive?

Is this mercy?
Maybe the other side
Of pain where we might find
Some strength left here to mine?

Do you see us?
Loving such estranged
People that have arranged
To celebrate your life?

While we’re alive
Bleed and know love
While we have time
Keep pieces thereof