Given Time [EP]

by N.P.

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released February 21, 2015

Recorded at Black Cat Sounds
May 2014 - February 2015
in White Plains, N.Y. with additional recording in
Bronx, N.Y. and Denver, C.O.

All songs and lyrics written and performed by N.P. with additional vocals and percussion by Andy Porta and viola by Morgan Nance.

Engineering and mixing
Andy Porta

Sam Stauff at Port City Recording

Nick Perlman

Thank You:
Adri Ramdeane, Dylan Hume, Eric Sullivan, James Landrum, Jessica Ivy Distad, Seth Nicholson, Family and Friends.



all rights reserved


N.P. New York

Nick Perlman is a singer/songwriter hailing from the Hudson Valley who currently resides in NYC.

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Track Name: So Well
The cliff was looming
Silhouetted by the sun
A few kids jumped over the edge into the river
Going, going, going, gone

The furious water cooked right off
The sandy rocks
Bare feet, torn jeans
And warm damp socks

I remembered it so well

Beach in ‘Bama’s drought
Laced in leaves of November fall
The dog, jokes, beer, and all of the arguments
God, I remember it all

And vines along the iron shore
Tie twisted knots
Water lapping up against
The wooden docks

I remembered it so well

On the beach we walked together
The dog came untethered
And the lone tree begged for some rain

Lightning struck quickly
For now we’ll truce quietly
As the family files in for the day
Track Name: Stranger We Are
It snowed in October
In bed I rolled back over
Tongue still burnt from tea

Last night
It was strange
So stranger we are
It was strange

The room was glowing white
As if we’d bleached out the night
But something rumbled
Rumbled wrong in my belly

Echoed all around
and it was strange
So stranger we are
It was strange

Music from the bar
Bleeding from afar
Because of whiskey, because of wine
Because of things, because of time

It was strange
And stranger we are

It was strange
So stranger we are
So what?
Stranger we are
So what?
Track Name: Anything More
Home now, a smoke just outside the door
Eyes glued to the cracks in the floor
This. What a shame.
Like a flame in the ash
Stuck in the drain.

Sure, I had one more
And I found a longing touch can just become
Another fragile, fickle, forced, misplaced, fumble of numb
lust. Just to feel something, anything, before it goes away.

The ashes are scattering and now I’m wondering.
The ashes are scattering and now I’m wondering.

An ember’s still glowing
Right out of reach
And I can’t put it out,
I can’t put it out.

That street corner comes back around again
And of course puts me exactly where I began
I didn’t even know what I’d been looking for
How could I possibly ask for anything more?

I think I’m home.
Track Name: Let Me Learn
Him and I we climbed all those trees
Pretended for awhile there was someone else to be
Back then we hadn’t known any real heartache
So when we were young I thought all of it was fake
The anger in your voice, the tears at the lake
Not until we grew had I realized all of my mistakes
And there were many and it’s not enough
But I’m sorry we ever pushed and shoved

We played music in the basement like they did on T.V.
Kept at it for awhile but couldn’t play a damn thing
Resigned ourselves upstairs and sat in dismay
Took out cards in the kitchen and began to play
Lightning struck the oven and all of our hairs were raised
Could’ve died but the bolt it didn’t take

How we shook
How we laughed
How we looked
W hen that bolt cracked

Whatever I’ve forgotten, whatever I can keep
Whatever I can shape, whatever I must leave
Let me listen to each and every beat
Let me savor this, let me hold it
Let it speak
Let me learn
Track Name: Given Time
Across 9
A blue jay cries
Perched atop the sign

This corner I know
But it ain't just mine
Sidewalks crumble
Given time

Given time

Faced the biting cold
And fell into winter’s blow
While salt caked the road
Water frozen in its flow

This moment I know
But it ain't just mine
Memories crumble
Given time

Given time